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[FTV Girls] Kelly (Just Turned Eighteen)

[FTV Girls] - Kelly Just Turned Eighteen

Kelly just turned 18, she’s a rather shy, but supercute petite girl who has never done anything adult before, and here’s her First Time Experience. Total girl next door type with big doe eyes and full pouty lips, and rather young-looking, she’s quite sexually experienced, and loves to masturbate. She discovers many new things about her sexuality on this shoot! We first see her at a park, in a cute schoolgirl outfit, short skirt and braless top. Sitting on a bench, she takes her panties off and gives us upskirt teases, fingers herself, and does twirlies as well as cartwheels showing off her bubble butt out in public! Back home, she’s interviewed, then photographed doing a slow striptease, getting herself warmed up to the camera. Then she starts masturbating with her fingers, rubbing her clit to orgasm, the way she does it in her private life. She has never used a vibrator before, so she is introduced to the Eroscillator — which brings her to a stronger orgasm and visible vaginal contractions. She then fingers her wet vagina, using the moisture to push as many as four fingers in her! She then shows off her pretty petite clitoris as well as try to spread and gape herself. She then plays with her own personal glass toy, then upgrading to a larger dildo. The dildo is a new experience for her, and she really enjoys the feeling of the penetration — enough that she keeps pounding herself with it, then uses the Eroscillator in tandem for another, even stronger orgasm! Then she goes even bigger, and is introduced to the Big Ten toy. Not only is she able to use it, she actually enjoys it so much that it becomes her new favorite dildo! She pounds herself with it, rides it, then seems eager for more… So then the FTV Monster is brought out, and she even though it pushes her limits, she takes quite a bit of it deep inside her! After a lunch break and a quick upskirt, we see her in a cute dress and wedges taking her panties off at a busy strip mall. Its all the more about upskirt views and teasers until she goes home, and gives us a cute foot fetish scenes, sucking on her cute, petite feet. A little dance is next, she’s pretty shy about it but its cute to watch her move her hips to the music… Then she experiments anally, starting with a finger, then using a beaded toy, and finally using a larger glass toy and fitting the larger ball side end inside! Going back to her new favorite vibrator, she masturbates to orgasm with the Eroscillator toy again, then gets really sexy… Her black dress & black heels give her a mature and very hot look, and her bubble butt looks so good! She gives her butt a nice hard massage, then sucks on her nipples, tugs on them, twists them, and massages her breasts. She fingers her wet vagina, then gets introduced to the FTV Titan toy, with its huge head… and she gets just the head in, pushing her limits! She goes for the Big Ten toy instead, which she’s come to love, and rides it, then uses the Eroscillator again while fucking herself with the Big Ten for her best orgasm of the day.