LarasPlayground – Goldi Teen (Awarded A Goldi Star)

LarasPlayground - Goldi Teen (Awarded A Goldi Star)

Teen Awarded A Goldi Star
I decided to take Goldi to bed. Now this tiny girl could live on this bed, she’s so dwarfed by it! She had decided to change into sexy long pink socks and skimpy panties and lounge around waiting for me. I’d decided to change into something a little more sexy, yet still retain my sluttish dominance with my black fishnet stockings. Yet I retained my professionalism and instead of pouncing upon her straight away and sticking my tongue in her tight, wet, pussy, I picked up the camera and watched her writhe around, showing off her skinny legs and cute round bottom. I couldn’t resist reaching out to touch her and found out that she’s ticklish on her feet, which was quite amusing. She got me too e.

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