LarasPlayground – Monique Tutu (Much For Me)

LarasPlayground - Monique Tutu (Much For Me)Now Monique got changed into the bad girl, ‘black swan’ tutu, with long black socks and absolutely loved it. Before we started filming she was dancing around pretending to be a prima ballerina. After almost taking our lighting system out we called a halt to these shenanigans and immediately started filming. Monique’s a little sex kitten and almost immediately, took my hand off her pussy which i has started playing with, bent me over and had her tongue jammed in my pussy. This is quite a feat seeing as we were in a doorway about 4 feet wide and with me being 6ft 4 in thigh high boots I felt like a contortionist! Her tongue felt amazing but I desired a more comfortable location to enjoy Moniqu…

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