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MormonGirlz - AshleighAshleigh was born into the covenant, and that means she has a sacred duty to keep herself clean for her husband. She tries really hard to keep her thoughts and actions pure for him.

It’s not like she doesn’t have bad thoughts sometimes, but she knows that she has to wait until marriage. And she knows it will be up to President Oaks, the Seed Bearer, to decide who her husband will be.

But one of his counselors, Brother Hart, has been flirting with her and trying to get her alone. She knows she shouldn’t do anything with him, but she really likes him.

One night Ashleigh is at the church late for a young women’s activity, and when all the other girls go home she volunteers to stay behind and clean up. THe girls had been crafting and made a mess with glitter and paste and construction paper.

When she finally finishes cleaning, she heads for the exit and bumps into Brother Hart coming from his office. She knows she shouldn’t think ill of her leaders, but she half suspects that he stayed late just to get her alone.

“Hi Ashleigh,” he says. “Do you need a ride home?”

The thought of being alone with Brother Hart scares the living daylights out of Ashleigh. “That’s ok,” she says. “I don’t mind walking.”

Brother Hart puts a hand on her shoulder, sending an electric thrill through her whole body. “Don’t be silly,” he says. “I can’t let you walk home alone this late at night.”

Ashleigh is totally silent as they walk through the dark, empty parking lot to his van. She knows he wants to have sex, but she is not going to break the commandments. No way.

When they get to his car, he doesn’t open the passenger-side door. Instead, he opens the back seat. He has put the seats down and laid out a black sheet. She knew he was planning this!

“Come on, let’s hop in the back,” he says.

She knows she shouldn’t get in the car with him, but she also knows better than to say no to one of her priesthood leaders. She’s in an impossible situation, so she does what he says.

As soon as he has closed the door, he starts to put moves on her. And once he kisses her mouth, she’s not sure she’ll be able to resist the temptation to go all the way.

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