MormonGirlz – Melody, Jane (Family Breeding)

MormonGirlz - Melody, Jane (Family Breeding)When Melody finally gets down from the Mercy Seat, her pussy aches from the two cocks that just took turns pounding her. Her face is covered in cum.
But she’s very happy, because she knows she has proven herself worthy to continue her erotic adventure in the Mormon temple.
Now she’ll have the chance to show Jane all she has learned about pleasing men, on Jane’s well-hung husband.
Melody paces outside the temple, her hands sweaty and shaking. Jane, the Seed Bearer’s gorgeous high priestess, has instructed Melody to meet her there.
But the young girl doesn’t know why. Leaving the dark chamber after filling her mouth and pussy with Brother Hart and Brother Tanner’s pulsing members, she had felt deep pride.
Though her hole ached from the thorough hammering, Melody knew that she had given the men exactly what they desired.
Even the Seed Bearer had smiled at her, instructing her not to wipe off the thick white ropes of cum the men had spilled on her body.
But Jane did not sound pleased when she summoned the girl. Her voice was icy and distant and Melody wondered if she was mad that she had given herself to Jane’s husband.
She was only doing what The Seed Bearer had commanded, but perhaps it had hurt or embarrassed Jane anyway.
In the back of her mind, another thought occurs to Melody. Maybe Jane was jealous, maybe she too wanted a piece of Melody’s sweet hole. The idea that she could make her beautiful teacher feel anything makes Melody’s pussy slick with desire. She misses Jane, and hopes that she’ll get to see her this time, breathe in her scent, press her tongue against the swell of her pussy.
Melody changes into a sheer ceremonial robe and then she’s brought to a room filled with rich, white light. Her heart starts pounding in her throat when she sees Jane in a matching robe, seated on the couch, her creamy breasts exposed.
“You’ve done well, Melody.” She smiles, and Melody grins back. “But I need to witness, first hand, what your body is capable of.”
Just then, Brother Tanner, Jane’s muscular husband, who just took Melody’s virginity, steps into the room.
“I believe you two already know each other,” Jane says.
Melody blushes as she watches Brother Tanner and Jane kiss. But then it is Melody’s turn. The man presses his mouth against Melody’s as Jane unbuttons his shirt.
They undress him quickly, and soon his rock hard body and equally hard cock are exposed.
Jane takes her husband’s big shaft in her little hand and she points it towards Melody. “Show me what you’ve learned.”
Melody is nervous about intruding on the intimacy they share as husband and wife, but she does as told. She runs her tongue up and down Brother Tanner’s dick, lingering on his wet head.
Suddenly she feels Jane’s tongue joining hers on his cock.
Together they explore Brother Tanner’s massive member, Jane sucking vigorously while Melody licks his balls.
They alternate back and forth, wordlessly, and Melody is thrilled every time her mouth brushes against Jane’s. She loves hearing Jane choke as she takes her husband’s cock deep into her throat.
Brother Tanner begins to moan and thrust. He clearly wants more than a blowjob.
Melody climbs onto the couch on all fours. She feels Jane’s hands on her ass, spreading her wide. She feels Brother Tanner’s head rubbing against her dripping wet pussy lips.
Melody’s whole body quivers with desire. She can’t believe her luck, to have Jane watch her being penetrated by a man. And Jane’s own husband no less.
Whatever they have in store for her, Melody will gladly submit to it. She would do anything to please Jane and Brother Tanner.

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