MormonGirlz – Melody (The Covenant)

MormonGirlz - Melody (The Covenant)Melody basks in the glory of having pleased not just Jane, a gorgeous high priestess of The Order, but also her insatiable, well-hung husband.
Will they want to keep her? Will Brother Tanner and Jane take her as their new wife? Or does the Seed Bearer have something else in mind for the pretty young Mormon girl?
The day Melody spent with Jane and Brother Tanner plays over and over in her mind. She can still feel Jane’s hands spreading her pussy lips open so Brother Tanner could slide his massive shaft inside her.
After Melody brought the husband and wife to screaming orgasms, Jane pulled the girl to her and kissed her mouth. Melody was thrilled to think that Jane could taste not just Melody’s tongue, but her own cum and her husband’s cock.
“You’ve given me a lot of pleasure,” Jane whispered. “I’m proud of you.”
Melody continues to daydream about this last sentence as she walks to the temple for the next step in her sexual journey.
As instructed, she changes into a fresh ceremonial robe and walks alone down a hallway that ends in a tiny, knee-high door.
Jane told Melody she must wait until she hears someone knock three times before she enters. She gets down on her hands and knees. Her pulse races with nervous tension and excitement as she waits for the signal.
When Melody hears the three firm raps, she crawls through the passage into a strange white room with no furniture except a bed. Immediately the room gives her the creeps.
But before she has time to really process it, a strong hand takes her by the hair and pulls her away from the wall.
“I’ve been waiting for you.”
Melody instantly recognizes the deep, throaty voice of Brother Hart. She looks up to confirm that it is him.
The intense man had been her first, along with Brother Tanner, when The Seed Bearer summoned her to atone for her sins on the Mercy Seat.
Melody remembers clearly the way Brother Hart mercilessly pounded her virgin pussy until she was sure she could bear no more.
She is surprised to be making the Covenant with him, but she trusts the Seed Bearer to make the right decision for her, and from now on she will honor and obey Brother Hart.
Brother Hart pulls the girl to her feet and holds her face in his hands. He stares deep into her eyes as he presses his hard, muscular body against hers. She can already feel his throbbing erection through his suit pants.
He releases her and sits on the bed, instructing the girl to wash his feet with a soft cloth. She takes her time, letting him know that she is an obedient girl and that his comfort and pleasure is of the utmost importance.
He smiles at her when she’s finished. “Now that we’re alone,” he says as he unbuckles his belt, “I want to see what you’re really made of.”
Pushing Melody to her knees, Brother Hart guides her head down onto his pulsing cock. She takes him in her mouth, remembering what Jane taught her, that men like to be stimulated and teased.
Melody runs her tongue up and down the length of Brother Hart’s shaft, and she’s proud of herself when he groans with pleasure.
She opens her lips wide and swallows his cock until it touches the back of her throat. Pretty soon she has driven the man to a passionate frenzy.
He pulls her up and sets her on the bed. “Sit on my dick, little girl. Show me what Jane taught you.”
Hearing her teacher’s name turns Melody on, but it also makes her a little melancholy. Will she ever get to taste the woman’s pussy again?
Brother Hart can see the effect Jane’s name had on the girl, so he adds, “When I get horny for Jane, I’ll arrange with her husband to fuck you both on the temple couch.”
It’s just the right thing to say, because now Melody is extra motivated to please him.
Her pussy is soaking wet when she easily takes Brother Hart’s thick member inside her. He grabs her ass and thrusts hard as she rolls her hips on top of him.
She can picture Jane smiling her approval.

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