MormonGirlz – Pearl (Pearl: The Calling)

MormonGirlz - Pearl (Pearl: The Calling)Pearl is the Seed Bearer’s beloved daughter. The precocious blonde has always admired her daddy, the most powerful man in The Order. Although he has tried to keep the sexual side of his temple work a secret from her until she herself is initiated, Pearl’s curiosity got the better of her. For as long as she can remember, Pearl has snuck around the temple, quietly going into rooms she isn’t supposed to enter, hiding behind curtains and pillars, secretly spying on her dad as he molested countless young Mormon girls. She watched his hands part their willing legs, his fingers teasing open their untouched pussies. She watched their eyes widen, she heard them cry out in pain and ecstasy as her father pierced their hymens with his thick, pulsing cock. Try as she might, Pearl could only hold out so long before her hand sought out her aching clit. She rubbed her pussy, timing it so that her silent orgasm always happened right when her father found his own release. She loved watching his thick cum spread across the girls’ eager faces. Now the Seed Bearer has summoned her to the temple. She knows what’s in store, but now that she will no longer be hiding in the shadows she is filled with anxiety.
Her young body will be made to perform sexual rituals that will push her to her limits. And her father will be right there watching her. As she enters the Seed Bearer’s office, her pussy is already swollen and wet with anticipation. Her father is in the corner, smiling proudly. But his desk chair is occupied by Brother Tanner. Pearl has only seen the stern, muscular man in passing but she heard from Melody that his cock is as big as child’s arm. He instructs Pearl to undress slowly. She looks back at her father as she unzips her gown. It’s been years since he’s seen her naked, and she hopes that her body pleases him. Brother Tanner tells her to get up on the desk on all fours. As he runs his thick fingers up and down her backside and into the seam of her pussy, Pearl stares at her father. She can hardly believe that she’s kneeling in the same place where the Seed Bearer has performed his own invasive inspections of various Mormon teens. Her father stares right back at her, his pupils dilated with lust. Brother Tanner moves the young girl onto her back. She opens her legs and and he slides two fingers inside her. Pearl is dripping wet, but her pussy is so tight, she’s not sure she can take it. She looks back at her father for reassurance. “I’m proud of you,” he whispers as Brother Tanner’s fingers pump in and out. Pearl is already close to cumming. She knows she must wait, and show her father and Brother Tanner that she can completely submit her flesh to their desires, but her clit is swollen and begging to be rubbed. She bites her lip and wills her hands to stay by her side. Family first, she thinks.

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