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MormonGirlz – Pearl

MormonGirlz - PearlAll day long, Pearl’s pussy throbs from the pounding Jane gave her with a massive black dildo. When she goes to bed, it still aches. The one thing that made it possible for Pearl to take that monster inside her was the thought of her father. She closed her eyes and gripped Jane’s hips, imagining it was her dad’s thrusts sending wave after wave of pleasure through her body. In the morning, Pearl wakes to a familiar voice. Her eyelids flutter open and a smiles spreads across her face. “Daddy,” she coos. “I’m quite pleased with you Pearl.” His eyes glow with unmistakable pride and lust. “You’ve done so well with the girls.” President Oaks has been with countless girls, but it’s his own daughter who keeps him up at night. His hand slides under the covers and rubs her ass through her thin nightgown. “You’re growing up so fast. I think you’re ready for a bigger challenge.” Pearl feels her cunt lips swell with desire. “I am. I promise. I’ll do anything for you, daddy.” As the Seed Bearer, President Oaks is used to young girls giving him what he wants. But the way his daughter totally submits to his will is special. He gives her cheeks a firm slap and stands up. “Good. They’ll be expecting you at the temple in an hour. Don’t be late.” Pearl dresses quickly and rushes to the temple gates. Her heart beats in her throat as she changes into the sheer robe that has been given to her. Could this be the day her father finally deflowers her? She enters a room with a long white curtain. Pearl has seen her father commit many filthy acts with young girls on the floor of this room, but he is nowhere to be found.In fact, Pearl is completely alone. She wanders near the edge of the curtain, anxiously awaiting the familiar sound of the Seed Bearer’s confident strides. Suddenly, two powerful hands emerge from the curtain and grab her unsuspecting frame. She trembles and cries out, but she is pulled roughly against a stranger’s body. “Don’t make a sound,” the stranger’s voice is gruff and unfamiliar. She can feel his hard cock throbbing against her ass. Pearl is spun around and pushed to the ground. The man thrusts his massive member through a slit in the curtain. “Put the tip of it in your mouth,” he demands. Pearl slowly parts her lips, but the stranger is impatient. He puts his hand on the back of her head and pushes her mouth all the way down. “The whole thing,” he moans. “You’ll take it all until I’m finished.” Pearl has never had a man’s cock her mouth, but she remembers Jane telling her that she must swallow as deep as she can or he won’t be satisfied. She allows the strangers cock to slide all the way to the back of her throat. She feels it pulse and listens to the stranger groan and sigh. “Take that robe off for me,” he growls. Pearl lets the material fall from her body, all the while working the man’s shaft with her hand — another trick she learned from the high priestess. The bittersweet taste of precum fills her mouth, shocking her and turning her on. She can tell this stranger is close and she readies herself for his hot load.Perhaps, she thinks as he thrusts inside her mouth, her father is watching from a secret hiding place even she doesn’t know about.

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