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[Sexually Broken] Rain Degrey, Dee Williams (Answers Unexpected Dating Advertisement)

[Sexually Broken] Rain Degrey, Dee Williams (Answers Unexpected Dating Advertisement)



After a divorce every woman seeks something a bit different than what she is used to experiencing and Rain is no different. She uses social media to find the perfect new experience in the form of a couple looking for a submissive third to join them in some devious play. She answers the ad and finds herself in a situation that might just be a little over her head. She isn’t just getting a little threesome action like she might have been prepared for. Instead they tie her up and use her mouth hole to suck cock and eat pussy and they make her cum over and over while tied to their banister.

They aren’t done with her yet though. She is tied to a rolling chair and turned into a fuck toy on wheels. They pass her back and forth using her pussy and making her cum even more. Finally, they decide to keep her around, but maybe not in the way she expected. She is now at their service as sex-bot, maid, and living room furniture. Matt and Dee Williams know how to treat a lady.

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