Backroom Casting Couch – Abbie

Backroom Casting Couch - Abbie

We can clearly tell Agent Jake is really pissed off about losing the office. This is quite possibly one of the most ummm…spirited (vicious? But in a good way…) scenes in recent memory – and 18 year old Abbie loves it. We’re talking “assisted” deep -throat, gagging, the wettest, sloppiest cocksucking, ass to mouth (yes, this tiny bundle does ANAL!), and Jake even makes Abbie lick his ass until he blasts his cum all over her teen face.
Jake figured out something clever – when telling the hopefuls to prove they are willing to go the extra mile by sucking his cock, he already starts to get undressed. Like, what’s she going to say at that point…put your pants back on? That would take a modicum of self-respect and willpower, neither of which most of these girls possess. Clever motherfucker.
So yes, this is a dirty, energetic, and really hot update, thanks to Jake and thanks to this broke blonde who’s just trying to pay her share of the rent this month, and maybe become a pornstar in the process. When Jake tells Abbie that auditions like today aren’t paid, she can’t wait to get the hell outta there, but not before a final veiled attempt to appeal to Jake’s good heart about that money. Unfortunately for Abbie, Jake sold his heart to a Japanese collector. Becoming the next Backroom agent doesn’t come free.