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Backroom Casting Couch – Lilly

Backroom Casting Couch

Backroom Casting Couch - Lilly

22 year old Lilly is a part time server, part time cam girl, and full time anal queen! Nah, kidding about the last part. Lilly did try but as apparently everything in her life, she half-asses (heh!) it. Look at that neglegted hair dye. More than roots are showing. Mismatched bra and underwear (to a porn casting!) Terrible tats in random spots, half finished. Barely any makeup. Apparently never met a curling iron. Or shopped outside of Ross. And she was half an hour late. Like, she just doesn’t prepare, doesn’t really try or care.

Which is odd because she does have a fun attitude and is willing to try anything. Very sweet personality actually. But let’s look at the facts, she doesn’t follow through with much in life. Like birth control. Off-camera Lilly remembers she hasn’t taken the pill in, oh like a year. Lilly got inseminated by TC so hard, she had to stand up and start walking until his cum came back out. So yeah, thank heavens for the morning after pill.

Backroom Casting Couch – Lilly