BlackPatrol – Patrol 8 (720p HD)

BlackPatrol – Patrol 8BlackPatrol - Patrol 8

We were call in at this location on the East side of The District. My partner and I met up with office Jones. He told us that there was an illegal prostitution ring set up and taking in clientele. So we busted in and found that they not only hired illegally documented individuals. They also had twice convicted prostitute handing out Hand jobs for the seedy clients that come in. We ran their IDs and found the perp who was getting his dick rubb was want in connection to a robbery in Overtown.

So we took him in for questioning. We called in the victim and had the suspect line up with 2 other convicts so that the witness could ID the perp and sure enough he picked out or suspect. After we dismissed the witness we had a little sit down time with our criminal apprehended. And we interrogated him thoroughly he was such a willing suspect. Because he let us suck his dick to get some answers and then he fuck up on the conference table. While my partners filmed the whole thing. That’s why they gave us badges because we know how to go above the law to bring justice to the streets.

BlackPatrol – Patrol 8