CougarSeason – Corinna Blake

CougarSeason - Corinna Blake

Duration: 30:52 Rating: 4.84 / 5
Amazing Mom-whore

MILFs! Ahhh… Who doesn’t like a hot MILF. At COUGAR SEASON we are hunting them down! Today we have a smokin’, smokin’, super amazing actual MILF (hard to believe) Corinna Blake. What is not to love about this gal. Body is Sick. Yuge E tits, super amazing long legs, amazing blue eyes and perfect Dick Sucking Lips (DSLs). So if that were not enough…shes a total cock-smoking, spit-generating, cum-guzzling Mom-whore. Our favorite type of Cougars. I mean who would think this gal — who you would see in that VIP booth at a club — would get down and make a mess of her face eagerly waiting for you to bust out your load while she sucks the chrome off your trailer hitch. Fuckin A. ~SH