ExploitedCollegeGirls – Aarin

ExploitedCollegeGirls - AarinCongratulations. You’ve just found one of THE kinkiest, hottest, and somehow still most adorable girls in all of amateur porn land. Aarin’s first boy-girl scene will certainly not be her last if we can help it – she’s INCREDIBLE. A chick that sends a selfie to her fiance (!) of her cum covered face (!!), after getting ass-fucked by a stranger on camera deserves true porn stardom. Aarin has been watching porn since a very early age (it’s all in the interview…) and she’s been wanting to be a porn star since. We believe today is when her dream cums true, and you’ll see why in a moment.
There is so much anal in this shoot, we think we broke a record. Or rather, Cocklord TC did. He has outdone himself with Aarin’s shoot. Not only do these two really hit it off, he somehow still manages to stay calm and collected enough to shoot his exploits from 3 perfectly placed camera angles. We lost count of how many positions TC and Aarin fuck and suck in. It’s a lot. There’s an hour and a half of some of the hottest and kinkiest sex we’ve ever had in our 11 years on ExCoGi. And frankly, most of that is because Aarin is an absolute sex FREAK – in the best possible way
We could go on and on for hours describing how phenomenal our local (yes, she LIVES HERE!!!) superbabe is. She loves anal. She orgasms from anal! Loves toys. Works at a fricken toy store and knows more about butt plugs – and uses them – than just about anybody. She fucks some of her customers for fun in the dressing room. She’s got a fiance who loves to watch her fuck. She’s got that metal-chick tattoo thing going on but a baby face that you just want to kiss (and deep-throat, obviously).
But in addition to all that, somehow Aarin manages to be also one of the coolest, most down-to-earth chicks we’ve ever had. She’s just up for anything. Always.
Too perfect? Maybe. But we can vouch for this girl – Aarin is real. She’s just one a very rare breed of nympho+smart girl+hottie+anal freak. Scroll down to the thumbnail previews to get a small taste of what’s in store for you today, browse the screenshots…but none of this is going to prepare you for the sex tornado that is Aarin. Enjoy her porn debut on any of your devices including iPhone, iPad, and Android. And download her SD or HD versions to your Windows or Mac to enjoy this masterpiece in all its detailed glory.