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MormonGirlz – Ashleigh, Jane, Melody, Pearl (The Calling)

MormonGirlz – Ashleigh, Jane, Melody, Pearl (The Calling)

MormonGirlz - Ashleigh, Jane, Melody, Pearl (The Calling)Ashleigh: The Calling
Ashleigh emerges the office of President Oaks, shaken by the invasive inspection that the powerful head of The Order had performed on her.
The gorgeous young blonde had been terrified that he’d find out she’d had sex with Brother Hart in the back of his van only a few days before.
Ashleigh always swore she would remain untouched until marriage. She knew it was every Mormon girl’s duty to keep herself clean and pure for her future husband.
But Brother Hart’s promises of love, and his hard cock, proved too tempting for the innocent virgin.
When Oaks summoned Ashleigh to his offices to inspect her and test her worthiness, she was shocked to see Brother Hart there too.
Even though President Oaks asked her directly about her virginity, she found herself unable to confess what she had done. But when he laid her down naked on his desk and slid his thick fingers into her pussy, she was sure he’d discover her filthy secret. But President Oaks simply pulled his fingers out of her hole and made her suck on them. MormonGirlz  She looked over at Brother Hart for any sign that he had told on her. He blushed bright red and covered his face with his hands.
The President then made the quivering beauty sit on his desk and pleasure herself while he watched and stroked his own massive cock. Ashleigh was sure he would expose her for the whore that she was, but she had to admit that the danger of the situation turned her on. She circled her swollen clit with her fingers, letting her wetness drip onto the desk. It didn’t take long for an orgasm to shake her whole body.
Oaks kept his piercing brown eyes on her the entire time, and soon afterwards unloaded his hot cum across her stomach.
While she still felt tender and dizzy from her orgasm, Oaks gruffly ordered her to clean herself up and report to Jane for “further light and knowledge.”
Ashleigh chews on her bottom lip as she enters the temple the following morning. MormonGirlz
She knows Jane. Every girl does. They either fear or love her, and for Ashleigh, it is most certainly the former. Will Jane be the one to humiliate Ashleigh for being such a dirty slut?
Ashleigh dons the ceremonial dress and robe and enters the ordinance room, where she is surprised to see not only Jane but her friend Melody and President Oak’s daughter Pearl. Her mouth goes dry. What are they going to do to her? The girls quickly strip Ashleigh naked. Her nipples harden against the cold. She watches the trio sit on the table behind her and spread their legs.
“Show us what you can do with that pretty mouth,” Jane commands.
Ashleigh approaches Jane’s wet pussy lips, inhaling the scent. She’s never done anything with a girl before, in fact she has always thought that lesbian sex is one of the worst things a Mormon girl can do. But if the high priestess is telling her to do it, it must not be sinful? Ashleigh flattens her tongue against Jane’s pussy and licks. It’s like nothing she has ever tasted before. She moves on to Pearl and then Melody.
She has to admit, the way the girls moan and press their cunts against her face makes Ashleigh hot with desire.

But suddenly Jane pushes her away and tells her to get up on the altar on all fours. Melody and Pearl spread Ashleigh’s ass and pussy while the high priestess brings out a glass dildo.
“Open your mouth,” she whispers. She feeds Ashleigh the shaft, encouraging her to take it until she feels it touching the back of her throat.
Ashleigh can hardly concentrate on the task at hand. Can the girls tell that she’s already been deflowered?
Jane withdraws the dildo from Ashleigh’s mouth and lifts her chin with her hand. “Are you a virgin?”
“Yes,” Ashleigh whimpers. Jane smiles. “I’m going to find out if you’re lying, little girl.” Ashleigh barely holds back a fearful gasp as Jane circles behind Ashleigh with the dildo. She has a feeling there is nothing about a girl’s body that escapes Jane’s attention.

MormonGirlz – Ashleigh, Jane, Melody, Pearl (The Calling)