MormonGirlz – Ashleigh, Melody (Family Breeding)

MormonGirlz - Ashleigh, Melody (Family Breeding)

Ashleigh & Melody:
“Making the covenant with Brother Hart made all the punishment and humiliation I’ve endured in the temple worth it.

“After I let him talk me into fornicating in the back of his van, I knew I would have to atone for my sin if I ever hoped to be worthy of temple marriage.

“But I could never have guessed how painful and invasive my atonement would be.

“My trip through the temple began with President Oaks forcing me to take all of my clothes off so that he could inspect me, and then he forced me to masturbate while he watched.

“He handed me off to some of the female temple workers, who performed an inspection of their own. By the time they finished with me, my pussy was sore and slick with cum, and I knew that they could tell I wasn’t a virgin.

“For my sin they humiliated me on the Mercy Seat, writing my sins all over my body with lipstick, fingering my pussy hard, spanking me and even spitting on me.

“That was nothing compared to the pounding I then took from the men of the priesthood, who kept me on the Mercy Seat so they could spin me around and abuse my aching pussy with their huge cocks.

“But after all of that, I felt like I had been forgiven of my sins. I felt worthy of Brother Hart’s love.

“Of course, I had also learned a lot about myself. I now know just how much I love to be choked, slapped, banged and humiliated. And I know that Brother Hart is the right man to dominate me for time and all eternity.

“Making love to him in the temple bed as part of the covenant of marriage was the highlight of my life. When I finally collapsed on the bed, sweaty and exhausted, and he shot his huge load all over my chest, I knew I’d love him forever.

“He’s a powerful member of the church, and his priesthood responsibilities keep him very busy. We take every opportunity we get to make love. He’s called me down to the temple couch, and I can’t wait to be alone with him…”

– Ashleigh