MormonGirlz – Lily

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Lily: Mercy Seat
I know I’m supposed to marry Brother Steele. And I’m happy to do so. He is very sexy and I loved having his cock inside me. I even love when I see his cock in my sisters’ pussies. Still, now that I’ve had the chance to explore sex through the Order, I can’t help but want more. Just recently I had the chance to be with the Seed Bearer, President Oaks, and it was unlike anything else. He’s so handsome and sexy, and when he put his mouth down there, it felt like I was being completely worshipped. I’m supposed to meet with him again to ask permission to marry, but all I can think about is how his perfect cock filled me with cum. And I worry that by having a husband, I may never feel it again. I trust the Order and the president and I will do what he asks, but I don’t want to know only one man’s touch forever. The Seed Bearer and Brother Steele have called me deep into the basement of the temple, demanding I prove my devotion and obedience before I take the vows of eternal matrimony. I will do as I’m told, but I’m wet just thinking about having both of these powerful men inside me again.