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MyWifesHotFriend - Megan Sage

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May 1, 2017Megan Sage is being a bad, bad girl. Her best friend is having an affair, and she’s been covering for her by keeping her husband Johnny company while her friend is “working late again.” But Megan can’t handle the lying anymore, so when Johnny arrives home and finds her there, she eventually shows him text messages that prove his wife hasn’t been working late, but rather she’s been out having sex with another man. Johnny can’t believe his eyes, and the only way to remedy the situation is to get even by fucking the very woman who was helping his wife — Megan! And she doesn’t have a problem with that…after all, she deserves some big dick after doing the right thing, doesn’t she?!
Porn stars: Megan Sage , Johnny Castle
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Who: Wife’s Friend
Where: Couch, Living room, Piano
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