PascalsSubSluts – Liz Rainbow

PascalsSubSluts - Liz RainbowThere’s a very simple test you can do on a PascalsSubSlut to test her pedigree. You treat her like doggy poo right from the off then you dip your finger into her baby hole to see how much honey she’s secreting. Such was the case with Liz Rainbow at the start of the merry scene we’ve got for you this week and yes, said digit slipped in like knife through butter and slipped out glistening with nectar. Apparently this had something to do with her kneeling on all fours in front of Pascal and myself sporting a blindfold and handcuffs while I complained to the good doctor about pretty women not giving me the time of day anymore, and each of us, in turn, gratuitously spanked her, kicked her and pushed her over for no good reason whatsoever, other than that she was kneeling on all fours in front of us sporting a blindfold and handcuffs.

Liz Rainbow is another one of these freak Spanish girls who’ve started to beat a path to my Chalkwell Bay love palace and who we really can’t resist. They’re just so damned depraved. Thereafter in the scene Pascal pumps the living crap out of the poor girl’s mouth and vagina, spanks the beejesus out of her buttocks, and I attach clothes pegs to her very cute puffy nipples and the flaps of her snatch. She appears to have a lot of fun and it’s all very jolly.

Other highlights of this week’s entertainment include Liz, in her interview, disclosing the age she first realised she wanted to become a porn star (you really couldn’t make this stuff up) and Dr P really not giving a damn about her looking like she’s perhaps not having quite so much fun anymore (at the end of the photoshoot, the last job of the day) by carrying on fucking her and blessing her with a second ejaculation, this time up her cunny.

We are very dirty old men, ladies and gentlemen, and we value your custom. Thank you.