PornMegaLoad – Holly Wood (Workmans Compensation)

PornMegaLoad - Holly Wood (Workmans Compensation)

Workman’s Compensation

Rating: Featuring: Holly WoodDate: 11/25/2016Duration: 17:17 min.
This one’s for every working man who’s labored in the heat or the cold, courtesy of “Hot Ass” Holly Wood. Holly is at the window of her house when she spots Jimmy in his safety vest laboring outside. She’s on the phone with one of her girl chums and tells her she’s checking out the dude. Her gal pal dares Holly to see what he’s made of. Holly accepts. She goes outside, water bottle in hand, and offers it, then invites him inside with that voice of hers that drips sex. The sun hasn’t totally baked his brains so he accepts. Who would decline an invitation from this blonde sexbomb in shorts and a low-cut halter? Before long, Holly is tit-fucking, sucking and fucking him. This is the true meaning of Workman’s Comp. Our kind of benefits package.