PornMegaLoad – Kiko Lee (Born To Cum)

PornMegaLoad - Kiko Lee (Born To Cum)

Born To Cum

Rating: Featuring: Kiko LeeDate: 04/14/2017Duration: 22:20 min.
Kiko Lee wasn’t a tease-bomb from the start. “My dad is real strict, so he never told us about sex,” she told us. “He never told us about what women look like. And my mother, she’s the same way. She never told me. She had me in baggy clothes and glasses. I was probably the biggest nerd in school. So I didn’t know anything.” In Born To Cum, Kiko, who personally admires the way of the Geisha, picks a Geisha fantasy to bring a dude to a messy, happy ending. Kiko Lee has a pair of the biggest areolae you could find, 4.5 inches in diameter. That’s not easy to find, especially in a girl with Asian genes.