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PornMegaLoad – Kiko Lee (Party In Your Pants)

PornMegaLoad - Kiko Lee (Party In Your Pants)

Party In Your Pants

Rating: Featuring: Kiko LeeDate: 12/05/2016Duration: 16:39 min.
It’s never been easy finding big-boobed Asians, let alone big-boobed Asians who’ll go the whole nine inches. We found Kiko during a model search in the southwestern American states. “I’ve always wanted to be in a big-boobed magazine,” Kiko said. “And I’d never done a boy-girl video.” This upgraded-to-HD video was Kiko’s first and it’s one for the spank bank. Kiko speaks Japanese and Spanish and has been stripteasing since she was 19. Her massive, dark areolae are 4.5 inches each in diameter. So big, the edges peep over the tops of her bra cups. That’s hard to find. Those are special tits. Kiko is proud of her girls and pulls them out of her dress to show the interviewer.