PornMegaLoad – Sasha Bell (Decorating Sashas Face)

PornMegaLoad - Sasha Bell (Decorating Sashas Face)

Decorating Sasha’s face

Rating: Featuring: Sasha BellDate: 12/07/2016Duration: 16:56 min.
In this video, her first on-camera fuck scene, 42-year-old Sasha Bell is an interior decorator. Her client is a man, of course. Sasha, wearing a short skirt and carrying some pillows (doesn’t everyone carry pillows around?) walks into the house, looks around and says, “There’s a lot of things we can do here.” She’s damn right there are! Sasha bends over. He checks out her ass. “I kind of like this fabric on your skirt,” he says, boldly grabbing her butt. Who does that kind of thing? “We can do anything you want,” she says. Who’s lucky enough to get that kind of answer from a beautiful woman like Sasha? Sasha wants to see his underwear to check for colors and patterns. When he gets his pants off, she plays with his cock and the decorating stops. He ends up decorating her face with his cum. In-between, she sucks his cock and fucks him every which way.